Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Types of Solar Power Solutions
1. Grid-Tied (in-sync with local electrical grid, like K-Electric, and without battery backup)- most suitable for:

• For customers who are looking to reduce their electricity bill
• Where intended usage is during daylight hours, such as in offices, schools, colleges etc.
• To benefit from net-metering where available
• For customers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint

2. Off-Grid (independent of local electrical grid with battery backup) most suitable for,

• For areas with no electricity connection
• For areas facing long hours of load shedding or frequent power failures
• For areas where electricity distribution network in unreliable (fluctuation, etc.)

3. Hybrid, i.e., grid-tied with battery backup most suitable,

• For customers who want to use solar power as primary power source while keeping grid electricity (like KElectric) as backup as well as taking advantage of net-metering